Lights Out || Anthony Price || {Flashback - Closed}


         If you would’ve asked the Italian bodyguard a few hours before this moment if you thought it’d end up like it did, he’d laugh in your face. Probably tell you to piss off as well. Anthony Price had no idea that this would be one of his last living moments on Earth. Not much had been different. He had left the bar, for once with the flesh on his knuckles intact. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Anthony Micheal Price managed to hold himself from starting an overly hyped and obnoxious fight at the bar. The man had a lot on his mind and, what may have seemed out of character for him, was too deep in thought to really start a brawl. The night air was cool, his breath visible as the thick cotton coat concealed a long sleeved black shirt that hugged his chest. Normal attire for the Italian as he made his way back to the Auditore mansion, his place of work. He’d been working for the Auditore family for as long as he could remember, growing close with each of them, which was odd for the man. Normally Anthony never really gave much thought for the families he had guarded before. The Auditore’s were much different, giving him a family feel he never really had. From his his heart being owned by Veronika Auditore to his undying loyalty toward Alessia Auditore, the head of the family herself.  

       Now that night, Alessia had Anthony go ahead toward a meeting with a small time mob family on the outskirts of Valence. Some unimportant American mob family attempting to gain points with the Auditore’s and offering their assistance. The offer seemed odd enough so Tony recommended Alessia stayed behind while he went on her behalf to hear them out. Little did he know the American family didn’t want to assist the Auditore’s but more to attempt at a petty murder of the mob boss herself. The family was immature to the business of mobs in Launceston, not realizing it would be damn near impossible for them to get a hit that easy on one of the more notorious women in the city. 

      “Where is Alessia?” One of the dark haired members had questioned as they entered, only seeing two men. Anthony and Lorenzo, another Auditore bodyguard. It was clear the man was disappointed as five other men followed behind them. This drew suspicion for Anthony as they gathered around the table in the abandoned warehouse. “Miss Auditore will arrive shortly, she had other business to attend to before this.” Anthony began cautiously as he folded his hands in front of his body, hand ready to draw his Beretta at any given moment. They group that was sent from the small time family was way too sketchy to convince the Italian.

       ”So.. What is your business with this family?” Tony began slowly as he eyes one of the suspicious men standing back with his hands in his coat pockets. Drawing his eyebrows together, Anthony felt his patience with the family growing thin already as he continued. “Because if you are wasting our time you’ll regret it.” That clearly was a threat and a cold one at that. Tony wasn’t sold at all even though Lorenzo was obviously attempting to hear them out. With a suck of his teeth, the dark haired man began in a harsh tone, growing weary of Anthony’s assertiveness. “I can assure you we’re not wasting your time, all we want is to help Alessia. It’d benefit the both of us.” 

      At that moment the sound of what seemed to be another vehicle began to creep up on the warehouse. Anthony tensed up and he shot his eyes alertly toward the door, noticing a shift in the family’s attitude. Catching a glimpse of the man speaking directly to Anthony’s smirk, Tony knew exactly what was about to happen. Right when the car door slammed shut, Anthony drew his pistols and kicked the table between them on it’s side, creating a shield. Bullets began flying through out the air frantically as Anthony shouted over the gun fire toward Lorenzo, “STILL THINK THEY WANT TO TALK?!” 

      Raising himself just a little, Tony aimed down his sights and fired off a few rounds, hitting one of the men right between the eyes and sending him crashing down. The situation only grew more hectic as more men entered the warehouse, pushing the odds of survival highly against the two Italians. “LORENZO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND GET BACK TO ALESSIA! MAKE SURE EVERYONE IN THE MANSION IS SAFE!” Anthony yelled as he knelt back down behind the table and removed his coat. 


      “LEAVE YOU?!  TONY YOU’LL BE KILLED ALONE AGAINST THIS MANY ASSHOLES! I CAN’T!” Lorenzo shouted toward the thick bearded, blue eyed Italian. “DO YOUR FUCKING JOB, MAN! I’M NOT IMPORTANT! I NEVER WAS, NOW GO!” Tony yelled with irritation in his voice as he stood up and gave the other bodyguard covering fire. Lorenzo hesitated for a moment before turning and running out of the warehouse, leaving Anthony alone. Tony knew this was a death sentence but dying for this family would be the only way he’d be willing to go. 

        Just as Lorenzo made it out of the warehouse, two bullets pierced Anthony’s chest and shoulder, sending him back a bit. “GOD DAMNIT!” He shouted as he immediately felt the crimson blood soak his long sleeved shirt, his body almost immediately weak. Feeling a surge of adrenaline, Anthony used whatever strength he had left to charge the nearest man, throwing his shoulder into the guy’s stomach and slamming him down. After taking one man down, Tony pressed on into the gun shots, bullets grazing his arms and deafening his hearing as they shot passed his ear. Clothes-lining one man in the throat then immediately elbowing another right in the nose. Taking them down one by one like nobody’s business until the dark haired bastard ran forward and drove his knife right into Anthony’s stomach. 


       Right then, the shooting stopped and the hectic became dark silence. Ringing in his ears as Anthony’s hands gripped onto the man’s shirt, feeling even more blood poor from his body. That moment.. the piercing pain became so intense that he couldn’t even utter a groan of pain. Just before falling backwards, Tony managed to pull the blade from his stomach. 

      “Not this family, mother fucker..” Anthony barely mumbled before using his last force to shove the blade violently under the man’s chin, almost immediate death. 


      With barely any life left in his body, Anthony fell back, collapsing like a skyscraper being struck with C4. Hands over his stomach, he felt his eyes grow heavy as the sounds of sirens were faint in the distance.. Then it all went black.


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